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Technical Details

What is a Gas Charged Lift Support?
The Gas Charged Lift Support also known as the gas spring, gas prop, liftgate lift support, lift prop is a sealed, gas-filled pressure cylinder that exerts an outward force on the piston rod. This force, similar to a spring, can be used to lift and hold open hatches, hoods, trunks, windows, doors, etc. It contains the nitrogen gas which is very safe for the human safety.

It may be possible that we may not have a lift support that you are looking for.
We can still supply you that lift support by following some simple measurement steps.


What does the Lift support consist of?

Ans : The lift support consists of
  • Cylinder
  • Rod
  • Piston
  • End Fittings
  • Nitrogen Gas
  • Oil
  • Seals

How to measure the length of a lift support?

Measure the Extended Length

Measure the Stroke Length

The Outer Diameter of the cylinder and the Rod must be measured in millimeters or inches.

Note: In some cases you may be required to send us your Old/Wornout/New lift supports as they may have the brackets on either or both ends which would need to be measured by us.

What kind of maintainence do the lift supports require?

The lift supports are maintainance free and do not require oiling or greasing. However it is advisable to keep the lift support clean with a cloth.