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How to replace the Old worn out Lift support ?
The lift support must be replaced in pairs just as the windshield wipers the lift supports work as a pair. Nitrolift Gas Charged Lift supports are designed to fit easily and does not require drilling which makes it a simple job to do.
  • Inspect and compare your old lift support with the new ones. In some cases you may find the end connections different than the old ones, they would just fit as smoothly as the original ones. Follow the instructions printed on the packaging.
  • The lift supports must be removed and replaced one at a time. Before removing the old lift support have someone hold the lift gate, hatch or hood to avoid any accidents.
  • The mounting position of the lift support must be exactly same as the original lift supports and must not be changed.
The example below shows the sequence for replacing the tailgate Lift Support The end connections are composite ball socket type and a screw driver is used to remove the clip on the socket.

Insert the screw driver into the metal clip of the plastic ball socket and pull slightly.

Pull the socket out of the ball
Use the same procedure for installing the new lift support
What is the expected life of a Lift Support or Hood Struts?
All Lift Supports lose the output force over time and this is due to many factors such as size of the application, orientation, number of cycles, ambient temperature, unclean conditions, dust, vibration and mounting position. Hence it is not possible to predict or estimate the life of a Lift Support.
What is the effect of the temperature on a Lift Support or Hood Struts?
Since the Lift supports have the Gas inside it the lower or higher temperature changes the volume of the gas by 3 - 4 percent. Therefore the output force would be lesser during extreme winters and higher during the extreme summers. The other thing is the rubber parts inside the lift supports which gets affected due the ambient temperatures. The rubber stiffens in the cold temperature and loosens in the hot weather resulting the poor seal function. The Nitrolift Lift Supports come with the multi-lip seals which holds the gas even during the extreme conditions of 40 C(-40F) to + 80C (176F).