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  Around the world Millions of cars, vans and SUV's rely on gas charged lift supports to lift open and hold their liftgates, hatches, hoods, trunks, rear windows. The loss of gas is the most common cause of lift support failure. When lift supports lose gas or get damaged, they need to be replaced for your safety and convenience.

The Nitrolift Lift Supports is the replacement solution that can be installed in minutes. The Nitrolift Gas Charged Lift Support is a sealed, gas-filled pressure cylinder that exerts an outward force on the rod. This force, similar to a spring, can be used to lift and hold open hatches, hoods, trunks, windows, doors, etc.
  • Part no# 50001
  • Quantity - 2 Pcs
  • Availability -
  • Part no# 50002L
  • Quantity - 0 Pcs
  • Availability -
  • Part no# 50070
  • Quantity - 2 Pcs
  • Availability -
  • Part no# 50020
  • Quantity - 2 Pcs
  • Availability -
Gas Charged Lift supports are also known as
  • Hood Struts, Hood Lift supports, Hood Damper, Hood Shocks
  • Prop rod, Hood Props
  • Gas Springs, Gas Struts
  • Gas Charged Lift support
  • Hatch Lift Supports
  • Liftgate Lift Supports, Liftgate struts
  • Tailgate Lift Supports, Tailgate struts
  • Trunk support, Trunk Lift Supports, Trunk struts
  • Glass Support, Glass Lift Supports

Our Lift supports stock has many part numbers which can replace Suspa, Stabilus, Mighty Lift, Lift-o-Mat, SteadyLift, Tuff Support, Strongarm, Max-Lift, Monroe, Easylift and many more.